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Anonymous: Some quotes that make your heart ache a little bit every time?



  • These words are red because you have touched me holy. - Gregory Sherl
  • Beautiful, sobbing, high-geared fucking and then to lie silently like deer tracks in the freshly-fallen snow beside the one you love. That’s all. - Richard Brautigan
  • Love, for you, is larger than the usual romantic love. It’s like a religion. it’s terrifying. No one will ever want to sleep with you. - Richard Siken 
  • Give me the kind of love that turns my past into an etch-a-sketch and shakes the broken out of me. - Shane Koyczan
  • Some things, once you’ve loved them, become yours forever. And if you try to let them go, they only circle back and return to you. They become a part of who you are, or they destroy you. - Kill Your Darlings
  • I taste the good and the bad in you and want them both. We call this bravery. - Anita Ofkanski 
  • I can even say it though only once and it won’t last: I want this. I want this. - Margaret Atwood
  • You have my permission not to love me. I am a cathedral of deadbolts, and I would rather burn myself down than change any of the locks. - Rachel McKibbens
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